What An Ice Idea

2 Feb

The world of ice cubes started off with a humble beginning as the brainchild of John Gorrie, an American inventor who’s original ice making machine  was built in 1842. More information is available in my Factoidz article here.

These days however, the invention of silicon moulds has meant that making icecubes at home can be a novelty.

Here are some unusual ice cubes made using some of these silicon moulds:

The Gin & Titonic mould creates an impressive Titanic and Icebergs set, ideal for shot glasses where the deink come halfway up the ship, recreating the suspended ship scene from the film Titanic.

The iconic polar bear and penguin moulds are perfect for sitting in the top of the glass, children and adults alike enjoy this cute little rascals.

Music lovers everywhere will love this ice guitar, complete with plastic frets strings and handle piece, which can be used to stirthe drink as the ice melts.

Star Wars fans the globe over would love this R2D2 icecube in their drinks! It’s part of a series that also includes Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

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