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Ultrafast 300MBPS Broadband On The Way From BT

4 Feb

BT is poised to unleash 300MBPS of Broadband into our homes via fibre optics, a technological advancement that BT are referring to as the “game changer” in internet delivery which it hopes to bring into users homes in 2013.

BT’s street cabinets are mostly already hooked up with the Fibre Optic links required to deliver the service, but the current connections from there to user’s homes is mostly copper cable, and this limits the connectivity available.

The aptly named Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) connection is set to boost small and medium sized businesses especially, following trials that took place in Cornwall recently. However the initial set up costs are high, expecting to reach into the ‘high hundreds of pounds’ but whether end users will be liable for this will depend upon whether ISP companies choose to pass those costs on.